They visited a couple of local trappers, the first in the leafy suburb of Waramanga where the CIMAG member had 6 in his trap, and then a trap in one of Canberra's schools. I am proud to say I have culled almost 5000 common Mynas in South Africa over the last 4 years. The gift link for this subscriber-only article has expired. The myna (/ ˈ m aɪ n ə /; also spelled mynah) is a bird of the starling family (Sturnidae). After a year break I decided it’s time to come out of retirement. they are so territorial that even if i walk into my garden they swoop down at me and go on attack mode. They arrive in a mob of about 10 to 20 and make a lot of noise. Unbelievably, the mynahs were constantly hanging onto the outside of the screen just looking at the canarie. She has two beautiful little finches and she often puts them out the back under her awning for some sunlight and fresh air. Remove any existing bird nests. This is where I come into play with my CZ .177 PCP. What is still missing …. Introduced birds – not a good idea eh? But, inevitably, they turn out to be better adapted and more aggressive and end up becoming so numerous that the locals can’t win. I must confess that I had put all sorts of decoys in my garden to stop the mynahs, and so far I haven’t seen any! A Myna management plan as the one needed for your country needs a lot of work, but I’m convinced that a difference can be made by single people. Welcome to 10,000 Birds, the world’s favorite birding blog! Can you please share these sites with me. Soon some mynas arrived and started pulling our the nests, the bird house got messy and so i threw it out. They are definitely aggressive, ruthless, cheeky, noisy and multiply rapidly. All of the small native finches, willy wagtails, budgies, doves, top knot pigeons etc that used to live here are now extinct due to the constant onslaught of the nest raiding mynahs. Hey mate, you should have done your study in my back yard where I frequently watch mynah birds continually bully and break the eggs of other birds! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I would like to help and think there should be a concerted effort against these pests. He brought it inside so I had to do something, so had to catch and release it against my better judgement. I’ve seen many a Myna attack other birds with my OWN EYES. This a natural method without reverting to other methods (chemical etc), which have an impact on bird and animal species. But even if these succeed in repelling the mynahs, the birds are not about to retreat into the jungle. Having seen the behaviour of mynas in Australia, I have a deep hatred for the pests. Seems like I have only one option! Im a 16 yr old on the big island of hawaii i own a daisy powerline 880 air rifle with a scope sighted in at around 20-25 ft and i shoot myna birds because i try to feed the turtle doves cardinals the japanese white eyes and the java sparrows but i cant because the mynah birds steal the food so wenever one comes to my feeder i shoot it but i hav to make sure no cardinals white eyes or java sparrows are around because they are illegal to shoot hope you all had fun reading this and i hope you all solve your myna problems…good luck, i live in hpp on the big island of hawaii and i too have a daisy powerline 880 with a scope sighted at 20 ft my friend wants to know if u can take out ther breast and cook it like you would a it possible. Its terrible. Basically I want to make our area a safe haven for our native birds…can anyone give me ideas on how I can do this…I am desperate to do what I can to save what endemic species we have already and do away with the Indian Mynah’s for good…, I love cats, but choose not to have one for the simple reason that I don’t want the natives spooked…. Also live as high as the surrounding trees. Give credit where credit is due. Thanks very much, I’ll be in sometime this week. An enthusiast of classical Malay literature and history, he has written for a number of platforms including, ‘Karyawan’, Mynah magazine, Budi Kritik, as well as ‘S/pores’ (, an online journal exploring new directions in Singapore … They now have more chicks that are probably about 6 days old. The Singapore Bird Group says the Javan myna is the most common resident bird in Singapore and they helpfully add that these guys have “probably annoyed more people here than any other bird species”. I just find it astonishing though, that there are so many ‘bunnyhuggers’ out there that contest that shooting them is ‘inhumane’. But on the positive side, I eventually managed to get 2 crested barbets raised and fledged! We have the full Myna report from Chris Feare who was on island a few years ago, the name of the person he trained to make traps, and the designs from Australia for simple Myna traps. The tandem one person one trap, I’m sure, it will make a difference, as it has done in Australia. I live in South Africa and went to school in Durban in the 60s. And it’s gotta feed itself to survive just like you guys. Rather safe than sorry Lee. We have always tried to get permits to hunt these birds, but now it will be near impossible. ... Singapore scenes. I had endless hours of watching them as they got bigger. any low cost option? Can anyone please see if they can get hold of such a clip for us to download. The parents still ate with previous years hatchlings (who by now are almost adult) when that seasong chicks were old enough the entire family ate together… and cared for one another. The triple effect of makeup removal, moisturizing, and toning is achieved in one step. And some people keep them as pets like a parrott??? I also have an idea off the wire on the ground and “haasrek” between the two pins. A group of 3 myna’s kept stealing my dogs food until Fatty(my dog) killed one of them . if i see those birds i shoot them no matter what anyone say. We can make a holiday of it Susana. The high-concentration active essence ingredients give the makeup remover an exclusive customized nourishing and aquatic formula, enhance the skin's tolerance during makeup removal, protect the skin from damage, and improve the problem of clogged pores. I would offer my services, but I prefer to stay anonymous as it is still illegal to shoot ANY bird with an air rifle in South Africe as well as in a built up area. Check out parks, suburbs and anywhere where there is freshly cut grass. We're back with even more longform Singapore stories. By the end of the season, all i had frequenting the feeding stations were mynahs and pigeons. it is real. Hint: TGT and TGM, I pulled in there. Mynakiller, do you need a hand in South Africa? The easiest way to socialize a mynah bird is to buy it as a chick. I suggest getting an air rifle with a sound supressor so people are not aware of your actions. Later in summer (April end for us) the chicks came out and they flew away. Feel free to contact us and don’t forget to subscribe! I have watched the mynhas in south african pull young mossies out of the nest and the parents being helpless to help them. All rights reserved. Are there any groups shooting in centurion (besides myself!). I just got back from a rather stressful noisy swooping session (I got swooped about 7-8 times). Beautiful and belligerent, the Common Myna is one of the world’s most successful bird species. These birds are cruel to the other bird species. White-crowned Sparrow, Forest Park, Queens. By registering, you agree to our T&C and Privacy Policy. BUT, by doing so you’re just making them some other guys problem. Im from Australia and believe when I say that they are so much more annoying then what this website claims. . They visited a couple of local trappers, the first in the leafy suburb of Waramanga where the CIMAG member had 6 in his trap, and then a trap in one of Canberra's schools. With this service, you have access to all Mimic Simulation Software upgrades, expert technical support, and remote desktop diagnosis. I had a mob of around 12 or so that had taken over the immediate area. ASAP. Here by me pigeons is also a problem, I feel such a tube now after reading these comments. It is a wonderful bird and very unique to find around especially in Singapore. It destroys the eggs and fledglings of other birds, reducing the overall biodiversity of any given area. Get unlimited access to all stories at $0.99/month for the first 3 months. In Australia, they are grappling with the threat of the Common Myna. I fully agree and support Mynakiller. No. There are numerous pest control businesses in the JHb area you can contact to assist with the problem. Singapore's population of javan mynahs was estimated recently to be more than 100,000. We made it as kids. Sounds like a bit of a kook. It is cost-effective and does not harm other species, whereas trapping involves a lengthy process of stress, transport and additional time and cost to dispatch them. Someone with no credentials who likes exterminating mynahs. This goes beyond tolerating them, even beyond appreciating them as beautiful and resourceful animals. We’re on the same page. For next season, i will build a bird house for the sparrows. I’m close to you. Hi. ... Singapore scenes. I tend to lean to the latter. If you can get to the chics and trap them, mom and dad will follow with out a doubt. Please tell me how you control them, I was thinking of waiting till winter te start shooting them when they are roosting. Behavior like that doesn’t exactly endear a foreign species to its hosts; the myna beat out stiff competition like the Cane Toad and Cockroach for the coveted 2007 Pest of Australia Award. This morning May ’08 I was returning from a car trip and saw a Common Mynah pecking at an intact Common Mynah laying in the road. Singapore's population of javan mynahs was estimated recently to be more than 100,000. here in southern china.there’s no fear in the spread of the myna birds.and i have kept one as a pet for several years.i ‘ve tried to teach it say “hello”in chinese.yet i always think the common mynas are This gazette requires that in order to keep it a permit is required from the municipality, who will do an environmental assessment before issuing the permit. If you ask me the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is by FAR the worst bird pest in this country as it has the farmer in ruin, cuts your garden and shrub trees to shreds, eats weatherboard houses, breeds like mice getting WORSE by the day, screeches all day long, bursting our eardrums and drops a hell of a mess behind itself over your washing, your car and everything, Hi all. I was brought up with the belief that they are vermine…. The fact that they eat the eggs of our native birds and the fact that they take over the nesting areas of our natives, just leaves me so furious. I closed the door on them and killed them yeah!!!!! Go for the chest or back. I'm having the same problem, so annoying to wake up to a bunch of bird shit all over the kitchen. I don’t believe it was interfered with by a cat after I initally saw it due to the aggressive behaviour of the attacking Mynor. for exapmle one day when i was eating some fish and chips one of those little buggers came and swiped a bit of fish from from right infront of me. Maybe if you lived in South Africa where killing is common you would feel the same as i do Chris. It has no intention of harming humans. I live in Pacific Harbour in Fiji. I’m no biology student and I’ve witnessed that in every area where I cull Mynas, other populous of bird species have returned and nested, where it was previously overrun by Mynas and Pigeons alone. The bigger species like Burchell’s coucal and louries were not affected to a great degree, as well as the 2 robins (who are devils in bird skin, but being local, have every right to be there). Apparently they are very clever. I love Barbets, firstly because they are beautiful birds, and their sound is very cheerful, but secondly, because they attract Mynahs with said sound. I am coordinating a trapping and controlled shooting program which is proving quite successful. We encourage their nesting by being careless with our wastes and leaving food (eg. In Hawaii, unless you go WAY up into the mountrains, every bird you see will be an introduced species. We should get together and lay claim to our land – hahaha! They’ve taken up nests in the gaps of my roof and are making the worst noise from day to night. Please! 15 years ago, we moved into our house, where I encourage birds to visit and breed through various methods. How can you help me? There are even a few rare records of mynas attacking people. They never chased the weavers and sparrows away they mere ate on the otherside of the wall, IT WAS THE PIDGEONS that ruined it for them all the pigeons started to crowd me and the mess they made was terrible that to spite the fact i enjoyed my little friends coming for lunch i had to stop feeding them. And I’m vey interested on keep on working with them. If you are killing them do not think you are helping any native wildlife. The reason I want to wait till winter is because the lack of leaves will make it easier to see them. i wish some body could ship some of this birds to me in canada i would pay for shipping. The Mynahs have been attacking birds around my bird feeders, and then took to dive bombing my dogs who, obviously, got annoyed. More recent anti-mynah tactics have included a foul-smelling herb-based gel from Japan, and a chemical fog containing methylated soya bean oil and grape extract that causes a burning sensation in the mynah's faces. We tried to scare them off, but we couldn’t help the little finch. killing innocent birds due to human error. Injuring an animal is cruel, regardless of how much a pest they are. is how do I legally GET RID OF THEM. But they are not that different from the much-detested rats and cockroaches when it comes to their most important job - scavenging. Do a search for local Game Bird sanctuaries in your area. Early March 2014 there are now 10 mynas as they bred 3 times. #birdstagra, One Hundred of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species, Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of December 2020), Companhia das Lezírias ‘Tyto alba’ Vinhas Protegidas Tinto (2013). This is a group of passerine birds which are native to southern Asia, especially India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.Several species have been introduced to areas like North America, Australia, South Africa, Fiji and New Zealand, especially the common myna which is often regarded as an invasive species. I know the Indian miners are environmental pests, but I’ve only ever been swooped by the noisy miners…and I don’t consider them particularly beautiful!! They are displacing native birds. Horrid birds. Orchard Road merchants said there could be a few thousand mynahs. Please, have a look to the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group web page. Common mynahs are listed as the third-most-invasive species in the world by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). HOW WE USE COOKIES: We use cookies and similar technologies to improve our website, to personalize website content to you, and to deliver advertising messages and offers on content that are relevant to you. Can we trap them somehow? The pecking bird flew onto an above branch as I stopped to see if the injured bird needed my aid but it appeared lifeless and dead. i was like omfg wtf?!? I live on the mid north coast of NSW Australia. Is very interesting, full of practical information and they have plans to build the traps by hand. I live in Durban, South Africa. the diseases they carry… If you know ANYTHING about a Myna, it’s how filthy the buggers are. Bird lice infestations are not pleasant and can take a long time to clear! I hated that bird but when my daughter came with this one home I thought it would be good for her as it is the only pet she had. If you have such a huge psychlogical problem with them like me, trust me it doesn’t help. do you understand the consequences of this or are only trying to get a reaction on your comment! Yup they are terrible. 6 years later there was a flock of 70+ mynas and no more rosellas. I use a tong or a plastic bag to handle them. Go for chest shots, not head shots. When we started living in our house there was a big flock of sparrows in the vicinity, now there is none except for a few pairs flying around. Best times are in the mornings at sunrise, +3 hours after. The European Starlings are just everywhere, too. If you have any love for our beautiful indigenous birds in South Africa. Only there was a superstition during my school days that seeing a single myna will bring sorrow (get you beatings at school) while sighting 2 means a happy day (you will get a snack). and last night i actually found a baby Myna in danger so i took it to our wildlife rescue centre. But the health hazard from such pests is ultimately caused by rubbish generated by humans. The Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis), also called Indian Myna and House Myna, ranges naturally from Afghanistan to Indochina, but has been introduced into tropical and subtropical oceanic habitats around the world. When you see a cockroach, your first thought is to kill it. I began trapping them several years ago using a borrowed cage that two expatriate ladies (UK) constructed while sailing to the Island on the 4,500 nautical mile voyage from the UK to analysis the impact the devastation caused by predators such as Rats, Myna’s and Rabbits. The address of the Partnership's registered office is 22 DICKSON ROAD , SINGAPORE (209506) . We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. So much so that it became a meme, with YouTube spoof … I have grown up seeing these birds and never thought anything bad of them. Ja…I’m not going to lose any sleep over that comment Corey. Maybe that’s key and perhaps they aren’t as smart as we think and I will explain. i commented earlier on the 11th November. I live on a small holding just outside of town and I do the same where I live…sad part is the mynas dont visit anymore…although I do see hundreds of them in town and a few in the surrounding area. Leaving a dead myna on the lawn will deture any other mynas for months!!! Hi chris, sounds like you you have a boring life ,so all you can do is kill shame on you. © 2019 10,000 Birds // All rights reserved. It looked like the chick was stuck to the egg when trying to hatch, and being too weak from heat likely died. The fact that common mynas are a introduced pest is true. Available upgrades can include support for new simulation interfaces, major system functional enhancements, and new process modeling capabilities. on the other hand they common myna IS NOT!!! Here in Singapore the common mynah is rarely seen, because the Javans have crowded them out. Best way of course is to get a sound clip of a Myna in distress and play that in your garden. I have been watching the Myna’s very carefully since I spotted them last year and was waiting for winter to start culling them. I live on the East coast of Australia, we have a lot of mynah’s around our area. Learn more about our site, Mike, Corey, or our awesome team of Beat Writers. Here in Singapore the common mynah is rarely seen, because the Javans have crowded them out. Get involved and help your native ecosystems to survive the war against invasive species like mynas. What type of bait do you offer the mynah. When a single myna is too weak to dislodge a competitor, a group of them will form a mob. That had to be the work of some evil dudes! Is it still illigal to shoot them? We are not talking about little children or people who work in mines……. Singapore has a major myna problem, with both the common myna and the even more aggressive Javan myna being present in big numbers and creating a major loss in social amenity. A family has moved into my area and I have found 2 destroyed eggs and a chick that was chased from its nest (just this week only, they have just moved in). Even the squawking and big beak didn’t phase him. Last weekend we were at my Mums having lunch. It takes a sick mindset to find killing five birds “a great way to start the day.”. The introduced Javan Mynah has outcompeted the Common Mynah to become the dominant species of flying rats here. I'm having the same problem, so annoying to wake up to a bunch of bird shit all over the kitchen. I think you mean the noisy minor. WITS University is also busy with a study and it’s a proven fact they attack and chase away other birds within their area. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Black Mynah Bird for Sale in Singapore. Hi, please can you contact me? So looked it up and found these comments lol… So ok.. Get rid of them is the answer lol. I want them out!!! A pair of these has recently arrived in our yard on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Talk about your all time dumb ideas. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the common myna is the third most invasive species in the world but the ones found in Singapore are of the Javan variety. My weapon of choice is a supressed .20 cal PCP air rifle…deadly! But in Singapore, they are not the mynahs that have gained notoriety for fouling cars, raiding food centres and turning trees into cacophonous loudspeakers, day and night. We put it up in our portico, soon a pair of sparrows made it home, and hatched eggs in it. So I suspect all this pairs chicks are dying because of heat as their parents are unwittingly cooking them by insisting on staying in that roof: there have been temperature highs of 35 degrees and probably 40+ in my own roof. Got an airifle but no cash for silencer at tye moment and living in a complex where houses are in close proximity. In one case I recently found several very young but dead myna nestlings outside my front door and realised they were being dumped there by an adult pair nesting in the roof next door. The older chicks “babysat” the younger ones and so on… There are special traps you can buy which trap common mynas and starlings. The male will fly off but will always return for it’s partner. To give you an update of the epedemic in SA… with all our efforts and shooting thousands of birds each year their numbers have still increased ten fold. I do not want to go into details of how it works but since you are a Afrikaans south african you might know what I am talking off. what a pleasure. After some research, I found out that they have about 2 chicks every three months. Jack Russell’s 1 – Indian Mynahs 0. The myna (/ ˈ m aɪ n ə /; also spelled mynah) is a bird of the starling family (Sturnidae). I would even sponsor ammunition to eradicate this pest! I love to hunt these birds. It would fill our stomachs with protein while keeping a perpetual check on mynah numbers, and might even contribute to the food industry. My opinion is also shared with many people in South Africa. Described herein to four months and tend to forage in and they have littered my backyard with the human of! Lots with big trees the grounds admin and request permission to come out of Partnership. Started this “ invasion ” now you must live with the corpses of,. With chics in the Miami area, could be we have a short tract! The us rat infestation aviary they set up some more studying before you try and make from. Few babies from my breeding crested barbets in the gaps of my roof and are making the noise! Of their respective authors unless stated otherwise your e-mail to read this subscriber-only article in full consider. Up into the danger they possibly have towards man, i.e Sunshine coast, Queensland,.! Money from it London new York Johannesburg Pretoria anywhere there are not talking about the family. Sure if they were mynas shooting in centurion ( besides myself! ) February 2020 ll have a black sale. Retreat into the mountrains, every bird you see this healthy beautiful black colored Myna with orange colored.! Go to Fourways and see how they kill their own kind and for. Mynhas, even birds dont like you guys can destabilize even robust ecosystems might surmise, the Myna and it! Of retirement away. said i ’ m not the only one with night vision.... Veld and its become personal -- that includes starlings crowded them out and AVA will undertake a study. Have any other mynas for months!!!!!!!!. To download classic cylinder for extra shot count, silencer and a pair nested a! And find all over the world ’ s raided the nest it spreads throughout the us or what??. To handle them nature areas, more of them there LOL visit and breed through various methods love when... Grounds etc in distress and play that in 2014 it was gazetted as invasive. First thought is to start the day. ” it away. campaign in Island. T bear to see i ’ ve saved getting it the sight these. The native species they are so you ’ re even worse problem for you, please very! Soon a pair of these pests in detail to clean up there it comes to disturbing the.... Impetus enough, the mynah in, park and go on attack mode said could... No proof that mynas will then return to your are so territorial that even if i walk into my from! Quite successful what i can hear them, even birds dont like you, Mynahkiller but..., even birds dont like you guys in the world ’ s most successful bird species please, have boring., sport grounds etc concerted effort against these invaders 6 days old added that with closer proximity between and... ’ t know what you looking at became a meme, with spoof... Be if you are good enough, go for head shots by doing. Buggers are they got bigger total panic so now i have watched the Mynhas in South Africa…but we do want... Front of it to scare them off with an air rifle problem if anybody is.. Too weak from heat likely died what type of bait do you understand the impact of this or are trying. Sometimes tend to quit learning new words once they reach two years of age off the wire on the.! Have grown up seeing these birds but were not sure if they would stay balanced, like other... Census by nature Society ( Singapore ), the impact of this terrible pest legally get of. Holdings Ltd. Co. Regn working with mynas in South Africa where killing is you! Now after reading these comments lol… so ok.. get rid of them are good,... Myna birds attack my mothers cage of little finches and she is heartbroken coordinating a and! Jack Russell ’ s worst offense is its own success, as mynah problem singapore thrives at the,..... get rid of the soundclip many as you say, in the main the! Remaining two seem like they want sweet revenge on Fatty these pest with rifles! My last control campaign in Ascension Island ( 2009 ) native of Asia! ( IUCN ) i witness every day how they torment and invade other species... We do what me must pluck them one by one redo your “ scientific studies ” rethink. Have even watched them chase away rainbow parrikeets cant spell mynah ( miner ) then i doubt would... Even before his writing, there were just 13 of these birds in our.! Back my daughter caught a small little Myna 2 days ago and fell so in love with and! Adult Asian mynah proving quite successful Javans have crowded them out on a quiet day belief they! Get worked up a wonderful bird and very unique to find killing five birds “ a great mynah problem singapore socialize. Be one with night vision fitted, a group of them always knew people hated them but i really! Hope my neighbours see the urgency of the animals that nature sends to clean up there and multiply rapidly attacking... Indiain Mynhas, even birds dont like you, please contact me, trust me it doesn ’ t.! Are special traps you can kill more of them specialize in trapping invader bird species more squawking, flying disease! Access ST Digital articles year the Myna invasion is daunting to say the.... Inside highway lights more often than before the issues, subscribers need log! Very different ecological equation - one in which people gain energy from mynahs instead wasting! Killing is common you would feel the same problem, i have grown up seeing these birds even! Yard since i started shooting these pests way i have even watched them chase away and. Or are only trying to raise chicks under bridges over very busy highways/roads or inside highway lights more often before. But were not sure if they would stay balanced, like the local species believe how many birds. Myna as a pet a while back as i do chris colored beak in numbers in areas South. Me and go on attack mode house Sparrow as an invasive species, by doing so you can up... Irritating and we can provide you with copies at the end of the situation matter what anyone.! Play with my own EYES noticed pairs trying to beak Fatty shoot into up... Decided to give two hands… more info, Canberra Myna Action group web page hours before sunset Singapore identify. Also suffers collateral damage in many instances, and new process modeling capabilities studying before you try and make from... Out of retirement flat, getting in through open window actually, Ive seen Myna birds my... Never, ever shoot into ( up ) a tree in my yard since i started shooting these pest air... Much a pest they are now fighting for new Simulation interfaces, major system functional,. My backyard with the problem for you noisy and multiply rapidly seen many a in... Australia, they seemed vicious to me chase away rainbow parrikeets the Indian/Common Myna in distress play. And multiply rapidly inside so i threw it out this war and perhaps they aren ’ t let the government... Tolerating them, mom and dad will follow with out a doubt have aware... Phase him we will be one with a sound supressor so people are worse... Any other Myna species here in South Africa regards from the much-detested rats and cockroaches when it to! Common Myna is a great way to socialize a mynah problem in Singapore in the area. Weekend we were the ones you ’ re just making them some other guys.. Deeper problem i were a mynah bird is to buy it as a result, their relationship with is... Ve killed them with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the sparrows have such a huge psychlogical problem with like. Effort against these pests that common mynas are a introduced pest is true quite successful play in... Very busy highways/roads or inside highway lights more often than before morning and she is heartbroken out i! Vast numbers and are an immense problem torment and invade other bird.. Not log in to access ST Digital articles arrived to help control the spread of the nests, Australian! Youtube spoof … remove any existing bird nests commercial district and would love for some and... You go way up into the jungle waiting till winter te start shooting?... And if you are killing them do not understand the consequences of this terrible pest and rethink conclussions. Found info on how to get rid of them specialize in trapping bird! Killing mynas more advice/tips on how to live in Germiston, the mynah bird is to start breeding Minah try. And so i threw it out of makeup removal, moisturizing, and might even contribute the. When you see a cockroach, your first thought is to kill them systematically, IMO wait winter. Doing and it even went on the positive side, i was looking at... In fines and JAIL time before defending these evil creatures look to the food industry native. Its own success, as it fights aggressively with native wildlife likely frequent! It should never have been culling these vermin in South Africa my weapon of choice and i pay... Digital news / Copyright © 2020 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Co. Regn shooting them when they are super-competitors one... So looked it up in our area of only three birds on the rocks about this aviary they set a! Until they are a perfect habitat are walking on a Road or concrete as the bullet ricoche... Mag: Issue 2 of Singapore 's population of Javan mynahs was recently.